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MRCEM Primary

This course is a complete live online course for the MRCEM Primary exam preparation. You will get the highly interactive classes and exams along with all necessary course materials. All the classes are conducted by the very experienced teacher's team. The highly interactive classes and immense care will meet up all your needs. The candidates get the most effective guidelines along with personal counseling with their mentors to pursue their career goals.


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24 weeks
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Why Should I Join This Course ?

Highly Interactive Classes with discussion on all hot, important & difficult topics, Recent Guidelines, Exam focused notes & discussions, Mock Test after completion of each chapter ,  A private "My Mentor Group"  & The Highest Success Rate.

A Complete Course

It's a complete course of 64+ Live Lectures , 18+ Exams with all the essential study materials.

Best Course Ever ! 

It is the one & only best course for MRCEM Primary  Exam Preparation in the world .

Lecture Notes+

A Complete Lecture Notes (Soft Copy) covering all the important topics will be provided on each system.

Question Bank

All the Question Bank
✅ Question Bank-01✅Question Bank-01
✅Question Bank-01
 is Absolutely FREE !!
(eBook/Online) on course.

 FREE Online Access !

Full Online Access to revise the recorded classes, online mock exams , download books, question bank and many more.

Advanced Revision+

A Complete Mock Test Series Package ( 24+ Exams / 1800+ Real Exam Questions ) | System Test=18+ , Block Test=3 , Full Mock=3

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Course Highlights 

Course Details

Duration : 6 Months
Total duration of this course is 6 months. Course Type is Both (Online / Centre.) You can choose any course type for your preparation.
  • 56+ Classes
  • 18+ Mock Tests
  • 3+ Final Mock Test

Class Timing (GMT) 

Every Wednesday
The total duration of the session is three and half hours followed by two classes and a mock test on a single day in a week
  • 09:30am - 10:00am (GMT) - Mock Test
  • 10:00am - 11:30am (GMT) - Class-01
  • 11:30am - 01:00pm (GMT) - Class-02

Course Fees

Course Fees (6 Months)

Our mission is to provide the best quality medical education with a very convenient fees structure for every candidate.

  • British Pound Sterling (GBP) = £275 
  • United States dollar (USD) = $355
  • Indian Rupees  (INR) = ₹29,500
  • Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) = ৳39,500


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

 What is  "International  Live + Online Course" ?

This course is uniquely designed for international candidate where a candidate will participate directly on live classes. , After live session each candidate will get an online access in our e-Learning platform where a candidate can repeat/revise/watch the recorded classes whenever they want , get access to all the lecture notes , question bank , books , online exams and many more. There are hundreds of doctors from all over the world - Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) , Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom (UK) are joining the course and getting their success with colorful results.

Do I get all the necessary study materials for my MRCP Part 1 exam preparation ?

YES ! Dear Doctor, You will get all the necessary study materials for your exam preparation from The DrAcademy. You don't need to purchase or subscribe any other materials and It's included into your course .

If I miss any class, could I have the chance to watch it again ?

Of course, after joining the course, you will be enrolled to a very unique e-Learning Platform where every classes will be recorded for watch/revise/repeat it again whenever you want.

How does the mock exam held on the course ?

Your exam will be taken through our very easy online platform. You can also give your mock exam on your preferable time.

What are the differences in 6-4-3 Months Courses? 

There are no differences in 8-6-4-3 months  course in terms of the course contents, video lectures , exams and study materials . Only the differences is in the duration of the course.

Which Course duration is recommended for me for MRCEM Primary  exam preparation?

It's totally depends on your availability of your study time, target exam diet which is comfortable for your preparation. .We usually recommend 8/6 Months course for comfortable study plan and 4/3 months for advance preparation..

This course is really enough to pass the exam !

Yes , this course is more than enough to pass your examination as It's a complete course with a Series of 108+hrs of Unique Live Lectures , 1008+ Topics Discussed, A Complete Mock Test Series of 24+Exams (18+ System Test, 3+ Block Test & 3 Final  Exams) with all the essential study materials. All the Question Bank ✅PasTest ✅OnExamination ✅ PassMedicine/eMRCS/PassMRCOG/PassPaeds  (eBook/Online) is included in this course.  Soft Copy of the lecture Notes/Question Bank & Other Reading Materials will be provided that can be used for lifetime.

If my course is expired or about to expire shall I extend/revise the course again ? 

Yes, you have the opportunity to extend / revise your course once it is expired or is active. 

Does The DrAcademy will help in my application procedure ?

Yes ! Dear Doctor, The DrAcademy team will help for your application procedure. In all steps like how you will apply online , your certificate attestation, how you will send your fees etc. you will get full support for that. 

How do I enroll in a course?

Register/Sign Up> Select Your Course > Payment >Start !

How can I get Support ?

We are always happy to hear from you .For any kind of support, please feel free to contact with us :

 +88 01733552110

Candidate's Feedback

#the best decision | #mentors are awesome | #really great | #saved my life | #it's superb course

"The best decision I have ever taken that I have joined this course, I really admired my mentor's encouragement of reading & Simplified explanations. 
The DrAcademy is the best academy for MRCS I found so far. The mentors of The DrAcademy are really great. They solve any kind of problem cordially.
I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities and excellent effort of The DrAcademy. It's a superb course for MRCPCH-1 !
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